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If given the choice between staring blankly into space or reading architects’ office statements on their website, we choose the first. They all say the same thing: we’re sustainable, responsible with budgets, experienced, award-winning, etc. . . . The game seems to be how to say nothing in particular and comfort any worries of someone contemplating hiring you. After a few clicks, it’s hard not to think that all this quote-unquote professionalism is very cold at its core. We can’t tell you exactly when MOS started. We like to say it was 2003, but we didn’t have an office space then and our name was !@#?, which we quickly found was too difficult to use because 1. you couldn’t pronounce it and 2. you couldn’t get a web address. So, eventually, we drifted towards MOS—an acronym of our names and reflection of a shared desire to be horizontal and fuzzy, as opposed to tall and shiny. We began around an oversized table, a surface for collecting and working through a range of design experiments—a make-believe of architectural fantasies, problems, and thoughts. As we’ve grown, we remain around a large table, working together on each project through playful experimentation and serious research. This website indexes that work: housing; schools; houses; cultural institutions; retail; exhibition design; installations; furniture; objects; books; writing; software experiments; and videos.

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Krabbesholm Højskole (Denmark) is awarded an AIA NY Excellence Award
MOS Architects receive an AIA New York Award of Merit for Element House

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We draw, talk, email, doodle, diagram, render, print, print, draw, model, receive, distribute, call, approve, confirm, reject, plead, deny, laugh, export, import, present, listen, order, zoom, script, post, pan, copy, paste, scale, collate, staple, eat, list, drink, walk, draw, chat, meet, photograph, crop, calculate, draw, adjust, tweak, sip, solve, stack, note, organize, scan, edit, review, print, question, comment, make, sketch . . . and occasionally, we collect things from this process and store them in a flat file.

MOS: Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample, Cyrus Dochow, John Yurchyk, Michael Abel, Mark Acciari, Paul Ruppert, Fancheng Fei, . . . 

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No. 1
Krabbesholm Højskole
Skive, Denmark
Art, Architecture, Design, Photography Studios
1200 sq m
Built, 2012

Located on the Krabbesholm Højskole campus in Skive, Denmark, this group of four studio buildings fulfills the school’s interdisciplinary need for expanded art, architecture, graphic design, and photography facilities. Campus planning and studio arrangement together create a multitude of informal and interconnected exterior courtyards. The buildings are oriented toward each other and have large square windows and covered porches that foster visual and social interaction, allowing the various studio activities to spill outside and mix together. These shared studio porches are filled with chairs and tables for casual conversation, offering a series of discrete places to hang out. All building services are placed above the porches to allow for an open and uninterrupted plan. The studios’ thin and elongated proportions allow for passive daylighting and visual transparency, collapsing the field of vision and producing a vibrant interconnected space for the disciplines and their work. Clad in industrial cement rainscreen panels, the new studios relate to both 16th-century campus buildings and nearby large industrial buildings.

Project Team: Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample, Nicola Laursen-Schmidt, Jerico Prater, Meredith McDaniel, Marti Gottsch, Zach Siebold, Mathew Staudt
Structural Engineer: Hanif Kara, Adams Kara Taylor
Photographers: Florian Holzherr, Per Andersen

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